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Auto Workshop Management System

Online appointment

Optimize the profitability of your workshop!

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Text messages

Your customers can find you with just a few clicks.

Available 24/7 for your customers

Accessible on all computers and mobile devices

Adaptable to your business / organization colors

Quick and simple

All benefits

Workshop setup


Personnalized Questions

Appointment management 

Validate appointments

Choose which shops, bays and job types are available online

Offer appointment booking linked to your schedule taking into account real-time availability

Configure the questions you would like customers to answer according to the job, allows you to better identify the duration and the correct parts to order

Approuve, modify or refuse web appointments, you choose, according to your configuration votre configuration

Choose to force a validation of appointments created by customers, depending on the type of work to be done

Ensure data integrity with automatic validation of customer and vehicle information created online vs your database of existing customers

Data integrity

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Online appointment

Your customers can confirm or cancel their appointment by text message, thus reducing the number of missed appointments.

All benefits

Adapted for current uses

  • Communicate with your customers in a more modern way
  • Attract younger customers, new car owners, who are in the era of text messaging!
  • Increases the chances of viewing your appointment reminders (vs. Email)
  • Average opening rate of text messages: 99% (+ 97% of messages read within 15 minutes of receipt)

Text messages


Time saving

  • Save time at the counter by reducing:
    • Incoming telephone calls (appointment requests)
    • Outgoing phone calls (appointment reminders)
  • Increase automation and notifications from your workshop

Real time follow-up

  • Be informed immediately when someone cancels their appointment
  • Appointments are immediately identified when a customer confirms their presence, no manipulation required at the counter

Optimize the profitability!

99% open rate for text messages

Automated workshop notifications

Time saved at the counter

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